Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

416390 - Other Specialty-Line Building Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors

This Canadian industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in wholesaling specialized lines of building supplies.

  • Example Activities:

    • Aggregate, wholesale
    • Air ducts, sheet metal, wholesale
    • Asphalt roofing materials, wholesale
    • Awnings (except canvas), wholesale
    • Brick, tile, cement, wholesale
    • Building stone, wholesale
    • Caulking materials, wholesale
    • Cement, brick, tile, wholesale
    • Ceramic construction materials (except refractory), wholesale
    • Ceramic wall and floor tile, wholesale
    • Concrete and cinder block, wholesale
    • Concrete building products, wholesale
    • Concrete mixtures, wholesale
    • Conduit and pipe, concrete, wholesale
    • Cottages, prefabricated, wholesale
    • Counter tops and kitchen cabinets, wholesale
    • Crushed stone, wholesale
    • Drywall and plaster supplies, wholesale
    • Eavestroughing, wholesale
    • Fence and accessories, wire, wholesale
    • Fencing and accessories, wire, wholesale
    • Fibreglass insulation materials, wholesale
    • Gates and accessories, wire, wholesale
    • Gravel, wholesale
    • Insulation materials, wholesale
    • Kitchen cabinets, built in, wholesale
    • Limestone, wholesale
    • Marble building stone, wholesale
    • Masonry bricks, blocks, tile and stone, builders' supply, wholesale
    • Masons' materials, wholesale
    • Metal buildings, wholesale
    • Metal siding and roofing materials, wholesale
    • Mineral wool insulation materials, wholesale
    • Paving mixtures, wholesale
    • Plaster and drywall supplies, wholesale
    • Prefabricated buildings, wholesale
    • Prefabricated cottages, wholesale
    • Prefabricated homes, wholesale
    • Roofing materials, dealers (except wooden)
    • Sand, gravel and cement, builders' supply, wholesale
    • Septic tanks (except concrete), wholesale
    • Sheet metal roofing materials, wholesale
    • Shingles (except wood), wholesale
    • Siding, metal, wholesale
    • Slate and slate products, wholesale
    • Sound proofing materials, wholesale
    • Stone, building, wholesale
    • Stone, crushed or broken, wholesale
    • Structural assemblies, prefabricated, wood, wholesale
    • Stucco, wholesale
    • Tile, clay or other ceramic (except refractory), wholesale
    • Trim, sheet metal, wholesale
    • Windows and doors (except wooden), wholesale
    • Wire fences, gates and accessories, wholesale
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