Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

334512 - Measuring, Medical and Controlling Devices Manufacturing

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing measuring, medical and controlling devices.

  • Exclusion(s):

    Establishments primarily engaged in:

    • manufacturing optical instruments (See 333310 Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing equipment for measuring and testing communications signals (See 3342 Communications Equipment Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing instrument transformers, including portable (See 334410 Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing motor control switches and relays, including timing relays (See 335315 Switchgear and Switchboard, and Relay and Industrial Control Apparatus Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing switches for appliances (See 335930 Wiring Device Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing medical thermometers and non-electrical medical and therapeutic apparatus (See 339110 Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing)
  • Example Activities:

    • Aircraft engine instruments, manufacturing
    • Automatic environmental controls and regulators (e.g., heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration), manufacturing
    • Clocks, assembling
    • Computerized axial tomography (CT/CAT) scanners, manufacturing
    • Controllers for process variables (e.g., electric, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic operation), manufacturing
    • CT/CAT (computerized axial tomography), scanners, manufacturing
    • Diagnostic equipment, electromedical, manufacturing
    • Diagnostic equipment, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), manufacturing
    • Drafting instruments, manufacturing
    • Electromedical apparatus and instruments, manufacturing
    • Electromedical diagnostic equipment, manufacturing
    • Electron tube test equipment, manufacturing
    • Hearing aids, electronic, manufacturing
    • Humidistats (e.g., duct, skeleton, wall), manufacturing
    • Hydronic limit, pressure and temperature controls, manufacturing
    • Ignition controls for gas appliances and furnaces, automatic, manufacturing
    • Industrial process control instruments, manufacturing
    • Instrument panels, assembling using gauges made in the same establishment
    • Instruments for industrial process control, manufacturing
    • Instruments for measuring electrical quantities, manufacturing
    • Instruments, laboratory analysis type, manufacturing
    • Irradiation equipment, manufacturing
    • Laboratory analytical instruments (except optical), manufacturing
    • Laboratory standards testing equipment (e.g., capacitance, electrical resistance, inductance), manufacturing
    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices, manufacturing
    • Medical cleaning equipment, ultrasonic, manufacturing
    • Medical radiation therapy equipment, manufacturing
    • Meteorological instruments, manufacturing
    • Meters (except electrical and industrial process control), manufacturing
    • Meters, electrical (i.e, graphic recording, panelboard, pocket, portable), manufacturing
    • Meters, industrial process control type, manufacturing
    • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) medical diagnostic equipment, manufacturing
    • Nuclear radiation detection instruments, manufacturing
    • Oscilloscopes, manufacturing
    • PET (positron emission tomography) scanners, manufacturing
    • Physical properties testing and inspection equipment, manufacturing
    • Radiation detection and monitoring instruments, manufacturing
    • Refractometers, manufacturing
    • Refrigeration controls, residential and commercial type, manufacturing
    • Soil testing and analysis instruments, manufacturing
    • Surgical support systems (e.g., heart-lung machines) (except iron lungs), manufacturing
    • Surveying instruments, manufacturing
    • Temperature controls, automatic, residential and commercial type, manufacturing
    • Temperature instruments (except glass and bimetal thermometers), industrial process type, manufacturing
    • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators), manufacturing
    • Thermocouples, manufacturing
    • Thermostats (e.g., air-conditioning, appliance, comfort heating, refrigeration), manufacturing
    • Totalizing fluid meters, manufacturing
    • Watches and parts (except crystals), manufacturing
    • Water quality monitoring and control systems, manufacturing
    • X-ray apparatus and tubes (e.g., control, industrial, medical, research), manufacturing
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