Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

333120 - Construction Machinery Manufacturing

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing heavy machinery and equipment of a type used primarily in the construction industry, such as crawler or rubber-tired tractors with bulldozer blade or ripper tooth attachments, front-end loaders, cranes, concrete mixers, power shovels and pavers. Machinery that can be used in both the construction and mining industries is treated as construction machinery. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing forestry machinery, such as tree harvesting and handling equipment, are also included.

  • Example Activities:

    • Aggregate spreaders, manufacturing
    • Backhoes, manufacturing
    • Bits, rock drill, construction and surface mining type, manufacturing
    • Buckets, excavating (e.g., clamshell, concrete, dragline, drag scraper, shovel), manufacturing
    • Bulldozers, manufacturing
    • Cabs for construction machinery, manufacturing
    • Chippers, portable commercial (e.g., brush, limb and log), manufacturing
    • Concrete finishing machinery, manufacturing
    • Concrete gunning equipment, manufacturing
    • Concrete mixing machinery, portable, manufacturing
    • Construction machinery, manufacturing
    • Construction tractors and attachments, manufacturing
    • Cranes, construction type, manufacturing
    • Draglines, crawlers, manufacturing
    • Dredging machinery, manufacturing
    • Drilling equipment, construction type, manufacturing
    • Grader attachments, elevating, manufacturing
    • Graders, road, manufacturing
    • Hammers, pneumatic, hand-operated, manufacturing
    • Jackhammers, manufacturing
    • Loaders, shovel, manufacturing
    • Off-highway trucks, manufacturing
    • Planers, bituminous, manufacturing
    • Portable crushing, pulverizing and screening machinery, manufacturing
    • Rock crushing machinery, portable, manufacturing
    • Scrapers, construction type, manufacturing
    • Shovel loaders, manufacturing
    • Snowplough attachments (except lawn and garden type), manufacturing
    • Surface mining machinery (except drilling), manufacturing
    • Teeth, bucket and scarifier, manufacturing
    • Tractors and attachments, construction type, manufacturing
    • Tractors, crawler, manufacturing
    • Tree harvesting equipment, manufacturing
    • Trucks, off-highway, manufacturing
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