Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

332311 - Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing prefabricated and pre-engineered metal buildings.

  • Exclusion(s):

    Establishments primarily engaged in:

    • manufacturing prefabricated wood frame buildings (See 321992 Prefabricated Wood Building Manufacturing)
  • Example Activities:

    • Aircraft hangars, pre-engineered, metal, manufacturing
    • Buildings, pre-engineered, metal, manufacturing
    • Buildings, prefabricated metal (except portable), manufacturing
    • Buildings, prefabricated, metal, manufacturing
    • Bus shelters, metal frame, manufacturing
    • Farm buildings, prefabricated metal, manufacturing
    • Garden sheds, prefabricated, metal, manufacturing
    • Grain storage buildings, metal, manufacturing
    • Greenhouses, prefabricated metal, manufacturing
    • Panels, prefabricated metal buildings, manufacturing
    • Portable buildings, prefabricated metal, manufacturing
    • Pre-engineered metal buildings, manufacturing
    • Prefabricated buildings, metal, manufacturing
    • Sections for prefabricated metal buildings (except portable), manufacturing
    • Silos, prefabricated metal, manufacturing
    • Silos, prefabricated metal, manufacturing and installation
    • Utility buildings, prefabricated metal, manufacturing
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