Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

325520 - Adhesive Manufacturing

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing glue, adhesives and related products.

  • Example Activities:

    • Adhesives (except asphalt, dental, gypsum-based), manufacturing
    • Caulking compounds (except gypsum-based), manufacturing
    • Cement, rubber, manufacturing
    • Construction adhesives (except asphalt, gypsum-based), manufacturing
    • Epoxy adhesives, manufacturing
    • Glue (except dental), manufacturing
    • Joint compounds (except gypsum-based), manufacturing
    • Mucilage adhesives, manufacturing
    • Pastes, adhesive, manufacturing
    • Pipe sealing compounds, manufacturing
    • Plastics-based adhesives, manufacturing
    • Putty, plumbers', manufacturing
    • Rubber cement, manufacturing
    • Sealing compounds for pipe threads and joints, manufacturing
    • Starch glues, manufacturing
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