Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

322111 - Mechanical Pulp Mills

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pulp from any material, using mechanical or semi-chemical methods. Some important products of this Canadian industry are mechanical pulp (sometimes called "groundwood" pulp), thermo-mechanical pulp (TMP) and semi-chemical pulp.

  • Exclusion(s):

    Establishments primarily engaged in:

    • manufacturing pulp and making paper, except newsprint (See 322121 Paper (except Newsprint) Mills)
    • manufacturing pulp and making newsprint (See 322122 Newsprint Mills)
    • manufacturing pulp and making paperboard (See 322130 Paperboard Mills)
  • Example Activities:

    • Groundwood pulp, manufacturing
    • Mechanical wood pulp, manufacturing
    • Pulp mills, mechanical or semi-chemical, not making paper or paperboard
    • Semi-chemical wood pulp, manufacturing
    • Thermo-mechanical wood pulp (TMP), manufacturing
    • Wood pulp, mechanical or semi-chemical, manufacturing
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