Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

311710 - Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in canning seafood, including soup; smoking, salting and drying seafood; preparing fresh fish by removing heads, fins, scales, bones and entrails; shucking and packing fresh shellfish; processing marine fats and oils; and freezing seafood. Establishments known as "floating factory ships", that are engaged in shipboard processing of seafood, are included.

  • Example Activities:

    • Canning fish, crustacea and molluscs
    • Chowders, fish and seafood, canning
    • Chowders, fish and seafood, frozen, manufacturing
    • Chowders, fish and seafood, manufacturing
    • Cod liver oil extraction (crude)
    • Curing fish and seafood
    • Dinners, frozen, seafood-based, manufacturing
    • Drying fish and seafood
    • Fish and marine animal oils, manufacturing
    • Fish and seafood chowder, canning
    • Fish egg bait, canning
    • Fish freezing (e.g., blocks, fillets, ready-to-serve products)
    • Fish meal, manufacturing
    • Fish, canned and cured, manufacturing
    • Fish, curing, drying, pickling, salting and smoking
    • Fish, fresh or frozen, manufacturing
    • Floating factory ships, seafood-processing
    • Freezing fish (e.g., blocks, fillets, ready-to-serve products)
    • Frozen seafood products, manufacturing
    • Lobster cannery
    • Marine fats, oils and meal, manufacturing
    • Oil, fish and marine animal, manufacturing
    • Roe, fish, processing
    • Salmon cannery
    • Seafood and seafood products, canning
    • Seafood and seafood products, curing
    • Seafood and seafood products, fresh prepared, manufacturing
    • Seafood and seafood products, frozen, manufacturing
    • Seafood dinners (e.g., fish and chips), frozen, manufacturing
    • Seafood, fresh, chilled or frozen, manufacturing
    • Seaweed processing (e.g., dulse)
    • Ships, floating seafood-processing factory
    • Shucking and packing fresh shellfish
    • Soup, fish and seafood, canning
    • Soup, fish and seafood, frozen, manufacturing
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