Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

1 - Goods-Producing Sector

6 - Manufacturing

31-33 - Manufacturing

This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in the physical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products. These products may be finished, in the sense that they are ready to be used or consumed, or semi-finished, in the sense of becoming a raw material for an establishment to use in further manufacturing. Related activities, such as the assembly of the component parts of manufactured goods; the blending of materials; and the finishing of manufactured products by dyeing, heat-treating, plating and similar operations are also treated as manufacturing activities. Manufacturing establishments are known by a variety of trade designations, such as plants, factories or mills.

Manufacturing establishments may own the materials which they transform or they may transform materials owned by other establishments. Manufacturing may take place in factories or in workers' homes, using either machinery or hand tools.

Certain activities involving the transformation of goods are classified in other sectors. Some examples are post-harvest activities of agricultural establishments, such as crop drying; logging; the beneficiating of mineral ores; the production of structures by construction establishments; and various activities conducted by retailers, such as meat cutting and the assembly of products such as bicycles and computers.

334 - Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing

This subsector comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing computers, computer peripheral equipment, communications equipment, and similar electronic products, as well as components for such products. The computer and electronic product manufacturing industries employ production processes that are characterized by the design and use of integrated circuits and the application of highly specialized miniaturization technologies.

3345 - Navigational, Measuring, Medical and Control Instruments Manufacturing

This industry group comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing navigational, measuring, medical and controlling devices.

33451 - Navigational, Measuring, Medical and Control Instruments Manufacturing

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing navigational, measuring, medical and controlling devices.

334511 - Navigational and Guidance Instruments Manufacturing

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing navigational and guidance equipment.

  • Exclusion(s):

    Establishments primarily engaged in:

    • manufacturing global positioning system equipment (See 334220 Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing aircraft engine instruments, and meteorological systems and equipment (See 334512 Measuring, Medical and Controlling Devices Manufacturing)
  • Example Activities:

    • Aeronautical systems and instruments, manufacturing
    • Air traffic control radar systems and equipment, manufacturing
    • Airframe equipment instruments, manufacturing
    • Airspeed instruments (aeronautical), manufacturing
    • Cabin environment indicators, transmitters and sensors, manufacturing
    • Compasses, gyroscopic and magnetic (except portable), manufacturing
    • Electronic guidance systems and equipment, manufacturing
    • Fish finders (i.e., sonar), manufacturing
    • Flight and navigation sensors, transmitters and displays, manufacturing
    • Gyroscopes, manufacturing
    • HUD (heads-up display) systems, aeronautical, manufacturing
    • Instruments, aeronautical, manufacturing
    • Nautical systems and instruments, manufacturing
    • Navigational instruments, electronic, manufacturing
    • Navigational instruments, manufacturing
    • Proximity warning (i.e., collision avoidance) equipment, manufacturing
    • Radar detectors, manufacturing
    • Radar systems and equipment, manufacturing
    • Sonar systems and equipment, manufacturing
    • Space vehicle guidance systems and equipment, manufacturing
    • Speed, pitch and roll navigational instruments and systems, manufacturing
    • Wheel position indicators and transmitters, aircraft, manufacturing
334512 - Measuring, Medical and Controlling Devices Manufacturing

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing measuring, medical and controlling devices.

  • Exclusion(s):

    Establishments primarily engaged in:

    • manufacturing optical instruments (See 333310 Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing equipment for measuring and testing communications signals (See 3342 Communications Equipment Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing instrument transformers, including portable (See 334410 Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing motor control switches and relays, including timing relays (See 335315 Switchgear and Switchboard, and Relay and Industrial Control Apparatus Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing switches for appliances (See 335930 Wiring Device Manufacturing)
    • manufacturing medical thermometers and non-electrical medical and therapeutic apparatus (See 339110 Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing)
  • Example Activities:

    • Aircraft engine instruments, manufacturing
    • Automatic environmental controls and regulators (e.g., heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration), manufacturing
    • Clocks, assembling
    • Computerized axial tomography (CT/CAT) scanners, manufacturing
    • Controllers for process variables (e.g., electric, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic operation), manufacturing
    • CT/CAT (computerized axial tomography), scanners, manufacturing
    • Diagnostic equipment, electromedical, manufacturing
    • Diagnostic equipment, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), manufacturing
    • Drafting instruments, manufacturing
    • Electromedical apparatus and instruments, manufacturing
    • Electromedical diagnostic equipment, manufacturing
    • Electron tube test equipment, manufacturing
    • Hearing aids, electronic, manufacturing
    • Humidistats (e.g., duct, skeleton, wall), manufacturing
    • Hydronic limit, pressure and temperature controls, manufacturing
    • Ignition controls for gas appliances and furnaces, automatic, manufacturing
    • Industrial process control instruments, manufacturing
    • Instrument panels, assembling using gauges made in the same establishment
    • Instruments for industrial process control, manufacturing
    • Instruments for measuring electrical quantities, manufacturing
    • Instruments, laboratory analysis type, manufacturing
    • Irradiation equipment, manufacturing
    • Laboratory analytical instruments (except optical), manufacturing
    • Laboratory standards testing equipment (e.g., capacitance, electrical resistance, inductance), manufacturing
    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices, manufacturing
    • Medical cleaning equipment, ultrasonic, manufacturing
    • Medical radiation therapy equipment, manufacturing
    • Meteorological instruments, manufacturing
    • Meters (except electrical and industrial process control), manufacturing
    • Meters, electrical (i.e, graphic recording, panelboard, pocket, portable), manufacturing
    • Meters, industrial process control type, manufacturing
    • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) medical diagnostic equipment, manufacturing
    • Nuclear radiation detection instruments, manufacturing
    • Oscilloscopes, manufacturing
    • PET (positron emission tomography) scanners, manufacturing
    • Physical properties testing and inspection equipment, manufacturing
    • Radiation detection and monitoring instruments, manufacturing
    • Refractometers, manufacturing
    • Refrigeration controls, residential and commercial type, manufacturing
    • Soil testing and analysis instruments, manufacturing
    • Surgical support systems (e.g., heart-lung machines) (except iron lungs), manufacturing
    • Surveying instruments, manufacturing
    • Temperature controls, automatic, residential and commercial type, manufacturing
    • Temperature instruments (except glass and bimetal thermometers), industrial process type, manufacturing
    • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators), manufacturing
    • Thermocouples, manufacturing
    • Thermostats (e.g., air-conditioning, appliance, comfort heating, refrigeration), manufacturing
    • Totalizing fluid meters, manufacturing
    • Watches and parts (except crystals), manufacturing
    • Water quality monitoring and control systems, manufacturing
    • X-ray apparatus and tubes (e.g., control, industrial, medical, research), manufacturing
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