Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

1 - Goods-Producing Sector

2 - Agriculture

112 - Animal Production

This subsector comprises establishments, such as ranches, farms and feedlots, primarily engaged in raising animals, producing animal products and fattening animals. Industries have been created taking into account input factors such as suitable grazing or pasture land, specialized buildings, type of equipment, and the amount and type of labour required. An establishment is classified to a NAICS industry or a national level industry within this subsector provided that fifty percent or more of the establishment's agricultural production consists of the products of that industry. Establishments with fifty percent or more animal production and with no one product or family of products of an industry accounting for fifty percent of the production are treated as combination animal farms and classified to 11299, All Other Animal Production.

1124 - Sheep and Goat Farming

This industry group comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising sheep and goats, and feeding or fattening lambs.

11242 - Goat Farming

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising goats.

112420 - Goat Farming

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising goats.

  • Example Activities:

    • Farm, goat
    • Goat farming
    • Goat's milk production
    • Goat's milk, raw fluid, producing
    • Milk production, goat farm
    • Mohair farming
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