Variant of CIP 2011- STEM groupings

Status: This standard was replaced by the 'Variant of CIP 2016 - STEM and BHASE groupings' as of June 20, 2016.

This variant can be used to compare the STEM fields of study - science, technology, engineering and math - to the other, non-STEM, fields. It can also be used to examine or compare the individual components of STEM.

The variant consists of two groupings, STEM and non-STEM fields of study. The STEM grouping is further broken out into four sub-groupings reflecting its four components: Science; Technology, except engineering technology; Engineering and engineering technology; and, Mathematics and computer sciences.

Each sub-grouping contains at least one complete CIP series (2-digit class). However, most sub-groupings also contain sub-series or instructional program classes from other CIP series. The full contents of STEM, non-STEM and of the four STEM components are shown in the following table.

Classification structure

Variant of CIP 2011- STEM groupings - Classification structure
Code Title
a.1Science Science
a.2Technology, except engineering technology Technology, except engineering technology
a.3Engineering and engineering technology Engineering and engineering technology
a.4Mathematics and computer sciences Mathematics and computer sciences
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