Variant of Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2021 for Agricultural Regions

1010001-CCS - Division No. 10, Subd. A

Variant of Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2021 for Agricultural Regions - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
1010001Division No. 10, Subd. A Division No. 10, Subd. A Subdivision of unorganized
1010002L'Anse au Loup L'Anse au Loup Town
1010003Red Bay Red Bay Town
1010004L'Anse-au-Clair L'Anse-au-Clair Town
1010005Forteau Forteau Town
1010006West St. Modeste West St. Modeste Town
1010007Pinware Pinware Town
1010008Division No. 10, Subd. B Division No. 10, Subd. B Subdivision of unorganized
1010009Port Hope Simpson Port Hope Simpson Town
1010010St. Lewis St. Lewis Town
1010011Mary's Harbour Mary's Harbour Town
1010012Cartwright, Labrador Cartwright, Labrador Town
1010013Charlottetown (Labrador) Charlottetown (Labrador) Town
1010020Division No. 10, Subd. C Division No. 10, Subd. C Subdivision of unorganized
1010022North West River North West River Town
1010025Happy Valley-Goose Bay Happy Valley-Goose Bay Town
1010029Division No. 10, Subd. D Division No. 10, Subd. D Subdivision of unorganized
1010032Labrador City Labrador City Town
1010034Wabush Wabush Town
1010042Division No. 10, Subd. E Division No. 10, Subd. E Subdivision of unorganized
1010801Natuashish 2 Natuashish 2 Indian reserve
1010802Sheshatshiu 3 Sheshatshiu 3 Indian reserve
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