Variant of Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2021 for Agricultural Regions

1009001-CCS - Division No. 9, Subd. F

Variant of Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2021 for Agricultural Regions - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
1009001Division No. 9, Subd. F Division No. 9, Subd. F Subdivision of unorganized
1009004Englee Englee Town
1009007Roddickton-Bide Arm Roddickton-Bide Arm Town
1009008Conche Conche Town
1009009Division No. 9, Subd. A Division No. 9, Subd. A Subdivision of unorganized
1009010Trout River Trout River Town
1009011Woody Point, Bonne Bay Woody Point, Bonne Bay Town
1009012Norris Point Norris Point Town
1009013Rocky Harbour Rocky Harbour Town
1009015Daniel's Harbour Daniel's Harbour Town
1009016Cow Head Cow Head Town
1009017Parson's Pond Parson's Pond Town
1009018Hawke's Bay Hawke's Bay Town
1009019Port Saunders Port Saunders Town
1009020St. Pauls St. Pauls Town
1009021Division No. 9, Subd. C Division No. 9, Subd. C Subdivision of unorganized
1009022Port au Choix Port au Choix Town
1009023Anchor Point Anchor Point Town
1009024Flower's Cove Flower's Cove Town
1009026Bird Cove Bird Cove Town
1009028Main Brook Main Brook Town
1009029St. Anthony St. Anthony Town
1009030Glenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal Brook Glenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal Brook Town
1009031Division No. 9, Subd. D Division No. 9, Subd. D Subdivision of unorganized
1009032St. Lunaire-Griquet St. Lunaire-Griquet Town
1009034Cook's Harbour Cook's Harbour Town
1009035Raleigh Raleigh Town
1009037Sally's Cove Sally's Cove Town
1009039Goose Cove East Goose Cove East Town
1009041Division No. 9, Subd. H Division No. 9, Subd. H Subdivision of unorganized
1009042Bellburns Bellburns Town
1009047Division No. 9, Subd. G Division No. 9, Subd. G Subdivision of unorganized
1009048River of Ponds River of Ponds Town
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