Variant of Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2021 for Agricultural Regions

1007028-CCS - Division No. 7, Subd. F

Variant of Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2021 for Agricultural Regions - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
1007014Division No. 7, Subd. J Division No. 7, Subd. J Subdivision of unorganized
1007015Trinity (Trinity Bay) Trinity (Trinity Bay) Town
1007016Port Rexton Port Rexton Town
1007018Division No. 7, Subd. I Division No. 7, Subd. I Subdivision of unorganized
1007020Elliston Elliston Town
1007022Trinity Bay North Trinity Bay North Town
1007023Bonavista Bonavista Town
1007024Division No. 7, Subd. G Division No. 7, Subd. G Subdivision of unorganized
1007025Keels Keels Town
1007026Duntara Duntara Town
1007027King's Cove King's Cove Town
1007028Division No. 7, Subd. F Division No. 7, Subd. F Subdivision of unorganized
1007037Traytown Traytown Town
1007038Division No. 7, Subd. D Division No. 7, Subd. D Subdivision of unorganized
1007039Sandy Cove Sandy Cove Town
1007040Terra Nova Terra Nova Town
1007041Happy Adventure Happy Adventure Town
1007042Eastport Eastport Town
1007043Sandringham Sandringham Town
1007044Glovertown Glovertown Town
1007045Division No. 7, Subd. N Division No. 7, Subd. N Subdivision of unorganized
1007046Salvage Salvage Town
1007047Gambo Gambo Town
1007048St. Brendan's St. Brendan's Town
1007049Hare Bay Hare Bay Town
1007050Centreville-Wareham-Trinity Centreville-Wareham-Trinity Town
1007051Division No. 7, Subd. B Division No. 7, Subd. B Subdivision of unorganized
1007054Greenspond Greenspond Town
1007056Division No. 7, Subd. A Division No. 7, Subd. A Subdivision of unorganized
1007057Dover Dover Town
1007060New-Wes-Valley New-Wes-Valley Town
1007067Indian Bay Indian Bay Town
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