Variant of Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2021 for Agricultural Regions

1002001-CCS - Division No. 2, Subd. E

Variant of Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2021 for Agricultural Regions - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
1002001Division No. 2, Subd. E Division No. 2, Subd. E Subdivision of unorganized
1002002Lewin's Cove Lewin's Cove Town
1002005Burin Burin Town
1002006Division No. 2, Subd. F Division No. 2, Subd. F Subdivision of unorganized
1002008St. Lawrence St. Lawrence Town
1002009Division No. 2, Subd. G Division No. 2, Subd. G Subdivision of unorganized
1002011Lawn Lawn Town
1002012Lamaline Lamaline Town
1002013Lord's Cove Lord's Cove Town
1002014Point May Point May Town
1002015Point au Gaul Point au Gaul Town
1002016Division No. 2, Subd. H Division No. 2, Subd. H Subdivision of unorganized
1002017Frenchman's Cove Frenchman's Cove Town
1002018Fortune Fortune Town
1002019Grand Bank Grand Bank Town
1002021Garnish Garnish Town
1002022Division No. 2, Subd. D Division No. 2, Subd. D Subdivision of unorganized
1002023Winterland Winterland Town
1002024Marystown Marystown Town
1002025Fox Cove-Mortier Fox Cove-Mortier Town
1002026Division No. 2, Subd. I Division No. 2, Subd. I Subdivision of unorganized
1002027Bay L'Argent Bay L'Argent Town
1002029Division No. 2, Subd. J Division No. 2, Subd. J Subdivision of unorganized
1002030Grand Le Pierre Grand Le Pierre Town
1002031Division No. 2, Subd. C Division No. 2, Subd. C Subdivision of unorganized
1002033Rushoon Rushoon Town
1002034Parkers Cove Parkers Cove Town
1002036Terrenceville Terrenceville Town
1002037Red Harbour Red Harbour Town
1002039English Harbour East English Harbour East Town
1002040Baine Harbour Baine Harbour Town
1002041St. Bernard's-Jacques Fontaine St. Bernard's-Jacques Fontaine Town
1002044Division No. 2, Subd. L Division No. 2, Subd. L Subdivision of unorganized
1002048Division No. 2, Subd. K Division No. 2, Subd. K Subdivision of unorganized
1002055Little Bay East Little Bay East Town
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