Classification of instructional programs (CIP) Canada 2000

1 - Chapter I: Academic and Occupation-specific Programs

This chapter comprises academic and occupation-specific instructional programs offered for academic credit at one or more postsecondary educational levels. These programs usually result in recognized completion points and awards such as degrees, diplomas, certificates or other formal awards.

2 - Chapter II: Dental, Medical and Veterinary Residency Programs

This chapter comprises residency programs in various dental, medical and veterinary specializations, offered in teaching hospitals and similar locations, that may lead to advanced professional certification.

3 - Chapter III: Technology Education/Industrial Arts Programs

This chapter comprises technology education and industrial arts programs that are taught at high schools and other non-postsecondary levels.

4 - Chapter IV: Reserve Entry Scheme for Officers in the Armed Forces

This chapter comprises reserve officer training programs that are offered for limited regular credit and that lead to professionally recognized completions, but that do not lead to academic awards or completions.

5 - Chapter V: Personal Improvement and Leisure Programs

This chapter comprises personal improvement and leisure-time programs that are not typically offered for academic credit, but that may receive some form of recognition and may lead to a completion award.

6 - Chapter VI: High School/Secondary Diploma and Certificate Programs

This chapter comprises instructional programs that lead to general diplomas and certificates awarded at the secondary education level only.

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