Variant of CIP 2011 - Primary groupings

04 - Social and behavioural sciences and law

Variant of CIP 2011 - Primary groupings - Classification structure
Code Title
05.Area, ethnic, cultural, gender, and group studies Area, ethnic, cultural, gender, and group studies
09.Communication, journalism and related programs Communication, journalism and related programs
19.Family and consumer sciences/human sciences Family and consumer sciences/human sciences
22.Legal professions and studies Legal professions and studies
30.05Peace studies and conflict resolution Peace studies and conflict resolution
30.10Biopsychology Biopsychology
30.11Gerontology Gerontology
30.14Museology/museum studies Museology/museum studies
30.15Science, technology and society Science, technology and society
30.17Behavioural sciences Behavioural sciences
30.20International/global studies International/global studies
30.23Intercultural/multicultural and diversity studies Intercultural/multicultural and diversity studies
30.25Cognitive science Cognitive science
30.26Cultural studies/critical theory and analysis Cultural studies/critical theory and analysis
30.28Dispute resolution Dispute resolution
30.31Human computer interaction Human computer interaction
30.33Sustainability studies Sustainability studies
42.Psychology Psychology
45.Social sciences Social sciences
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