Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2001

3558 - Thunder Bay District

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2001 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
3558001Neebing Neebing Township
3558003 Fort William 52 Indian reserve
3558004Thunder Bay Thunder Bay City
3558011Oliver Paipoonge Oliver Paipoonge Township
3558012Gillies Gillies Township
3558016O'Connor O'Connor Township
3558019Conmee Conmee Township
3558028Shuniah Shuniah Township
3558034Dorion Dorion Township
3558041Red Rock Red Rock Township
3558044 Nipigon Township
3558051 Schreiber Township
3558054Terrace Bay Terrace Bay Township
3558059Marathon Marathon Town
3558060 Pic Mobert North Indian reserve
3558061Pic Mobert South Pic Mobert South Indian reserve
3558062 Pic River 50 Indian reserve
3558063 Pays Plat 51 Indian reserve
3558064 Lake Helen 53A Indian reserve
3558065Gull River 55 Gull River 55 Indian reserve
3558066Manitouwadge Manitouwadge Township
3558067 Ginoogaming First Nation Indian reserve
3558068 Long Lake 58 Indian reserve
3558069Rocky Bay 1 Rocky Bay 1 Indian reserve
3558075Greenstone Greenstone Town
3558076 Aroland 83 Indian reserve
3558080Ojibway Nation of Saugeen (Savant Lake) Ojibway Nation of Saugeen (Savant Lake) Indian reserve
3558085 Osnaburgh 63A Indian reserve
3558090Thunder Bay, Unorganized Thunder Bay, Unorganized Unorganized
3558095 Seine River 22A2 Indian reserve
3558097 Whitesand Indian reserve
3558100 Lac des Mille Lacs 22A1 Indian reserve
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