Standard Drainage Area Classification (SDAC) 2003

06 - Western and Northern Hudson Bay

Standard Drainage Area Classification (SDAC) 2003 - Classification structure
Code Sub-drainage areas
06ABeaver, Alberta and Saskatchewan Beaver, Alberta and Saskatchewan
06BUpper Churchill, Manitoba Upper Churchill, Manitoba
06CCentral Churchill, upper, Manitoba Central Churchill, upper, Manitoba
06DReindeer Reindeer
06ECentral Churchill, lower, Manitoba Central Churchill, lower, Manitoba
06FLower Churchill, Manitoba Lower Churchill, Manitoba
06GSeal, coast Seal, coast
06HWestern Hudson Bay, Southern Western Hudson Bay, Southern
06JThelon Thelon
06KDubawnt Dubawnt
06LKazan Kazan
06MChesterfield Inlet Chesterfield Inlet
06NWestern Hudson Bay, central Western Hudson Bay, central
06OWestern Hudson Bay, northern Western Hudson Bay, northern
06PHudson Bay, Southampton Island Hudson Bay, Southampton Island
06QFoxe Basin, Southampton Island Foxe Basin, Southampton Island
06RFoxe Basin, Melville Peninsula Foxe Basin, Melville Peninsula
06SFoxe Basin, Baffin Island Foxe Basin, Baffin Island
06THudson Strait, Baffin and Southampton Islands Hudson Strait, Baffin and Southampton Islands
07AUpper Athabasca Upper Athabasca
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