National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021 Version 1.0


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6 - Sales and service occupations

This broad category comprises middle management occupations in wholesale and retail trade, and customer services, as well as occupations concerned with wholesale and retail sales, and customer, personal and support service occupations related to a wide range of industries, such as accommodation and food services, travel, tourism and cleaning services.

65 - Sales and service support occupations

This major group comprises sales and service support occupations. These occupations come with Training, Education, Experience and Responsibility (TEER) identified as TEER 5. Occupations classified in TEER 5, as those included in this group with a 5 as the second digit of their code, are typically accessible with short work demonstration and no formal educational requirements.

653 - Support occupations in cleaning and related services

This sub-major group comprises support occupations in cleaning and related services, and other service support occupations.

6531 - Cleaners

This minor group comprises cleaners, including light duty cleaners; specialized cleaners; and janitors, caretakers and heavy-duty cleaners. They are employed by hotels, motels and resorts; shopping and recreational facilities; hospitals, health care facilities and educational and other institutions; building management companies, cleaning service companies, condominium corporations and private individuals; and industrial, religious and other establishments; or they may be self-employed.

6532 - Service support and related occupations

This minor group comprises service support and related occupations, including dry cleaning, laundry and related occupations, and other service support occupations not elsewhere classified. They are employed in dry cleaning, laundry and fur cleaning establishments, in the laundries of hotels, hospitals and other institutions; and by a wide range of establishments.

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