National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021 Version 1.0


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6 - Sales and service occupations

This broad category comprises middle management occupations in wholesale and retail trade, and customer services, as well as occupations concerned with wholesale and retail sales, and customer, personal and support service occupations related to a wide range of industries, such as accommodation and food services, travel, tourism and cleaning services.

62 - Retail sales and service supervisors and specialized occupations in sales and services

This major group comprises retail sales and service supervisors and specialized occupations in sales and services. These occupations come with Training, Education, Experience and Responsibility (TEER) identified as TEER 2. Occupations classified in TEER 2, as those included in this group with a 2 as the second digit of their code, typically require completion of a post-secondary education program of two to three years at community college, institute of technology or CÉGEP; or completion of an apprenticeship training program of two to five years; or supervisory or significant safety responsibilities; or the accumulation of several years of experience in a related occupation found in TEER 3, when applicable (TEER 3 includes occupations with a 3 as a second digit in their code).

620 - Retail sales and service supervisors

This sub-major group comprises retail sales and service supervisors.

6201 - Retail sales supervisors

This minor group comprises retail sales supervisors. They are employed by stores and other retail businesses, wholesale businesses that sell on a retail basis to the public, rental service establishments and businesses involved in door-to-door soliciting and telemarketing.

6202 - Service supervisors

This minor group comprises service supervisors, including food service supervisors; executive housekeepers; accommodation, travel, tourism and related services supervisors; customer and information services supervisors; cleaning supervisors; and other services supervisors. They are employed by hospitals and other health care establishments; cafeterias, catering companies and other food service establishments; banks, trust companies, credit unions and similar financial institutions; retail establishments, contact centres and insurance, telephone and utility companies; schools and other educational institutions; hotels, motels, commercial and industrial establishments and home, office and specialized cleaning companies; and other service establishments throughout the public and private sectors.

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