Economic Regions - SGC 2006

4617 - Division No. 17

Economic Regions - SGC 2006 - Classification structure
Code Title Type
4617026Alonsa Alonsa Rural municipality
4617029 Ebb and Flow 52 Indian reserve
4617034McCreary McCreary Rural municipality
4617036 McCreary Village
4617040Ste. Rose Ste. Rose Rural municipality
4617042 Ste. Rose du Lac Town
4617045Ochre River Ochre River Rural municipality
4617048Dauphin Dauphin Rural municipality
4617050 Dauphin City
4617053Gilbert Plains Gilbert Plains Rural municipality
4617055 Gilbert Plains Town
4617057Grandview Grandview Rural municipality
4617060 Grandview Town
4617063Ethelbert Ethelbert Rural municipality
4617067 Ethelbert Village
4617071Mossey River Mossey River Rural municipality
4617073 Winnipegosis Village
4617076Lawrence Lawrence Rural municipality
4617092Division No. 17, Unorganized Division No. 17, Unorganized Unorganized
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