National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2016 Version 1.3


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0 - Management occupations

This category includes legislators, senior management occupations and middle management occupations. Senior managers are described in several broad categories. Middle managers are described in more detailed categories that span the entire labour market.

01-05 - Specialized middle management occupations

This major group comprises specialized middle management occupations. It includes administrative services managers and managers in financial and business services, communication (except broadcasting), engineering, architecture, science and information systems, health care, public administration, education, social and community services, public protection services, art, culture, recreation, and sport.

011 - Administrative services managers

This minor group includes financial managers, human resources managers, purchasing managers and other administrative service managers. They are employed throughout the public and private sectors.

012 - Managers in financial and business services

This minor group includes insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers; banking, credit and investment managers; advertising, marketing, and public relations managers; and other business services managers. They are employed by insurance companies, real estate firms, stockbrokers, investment dealers, mortgage brokers and security and commodity exchanges; banks, trust companies and credit unions; credit departments in department stores and other industrial and commercial organizations; credit card, consumer loan, mutual fund, mortgage and other loan, financing and investment companies; government departments; advertising, marketing and public relations firms and consulting businesses; and other establishments that provide services to business.

013 - Managers in communication (except broadcasting)

This minor group includes telecommunications carriers managers, postal managers and courier services managers. They are employed by wired, wireless, satellite and other telecommunications carriers, courier companies and Canada Post Corporation.

021 - Managers in engineering, architecture, science and information systems

This minor group includes engineering managers, architecture managers, science managers, computer managers and information systems managers. They are employed throughout the public and private sectors and by government establishments, consulting engineering and scientific research companies and architectural firms.

Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit group(s):
0211 - Engineering managers
0212 - Architecture and science managers
0213 - Computer and information systems managers

031 - Managers in health care

This minor group includes health care directors, chiefs and managers. They are employed in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and other health care organizations.

041 - Managers in public administration

This minor group includes public administration managers. They are employed by government departments, agencies, and legislative bodies.

042 - Managers in education and social and community services

This minor group includes education administrators, school principals and social, community and correctional services managers. They are employed by colleges, universities, vocational training schools, public and private elementary and secondary schools and school boards; social service and community agencies, correctional institutions, counselling departments, labour organizations, professional associations, political parties and non-governmental organizations.

043 - Managers in public protection services

This minor group includes commissioned police officers, fire chiefs, senior firefighting officers and commissioned officers of the Canadian Armed Forces. They are employed by municipal, provincial and federal governments and industrial establishments with firefighting services.

051 - Managers in art, culture, recreation and sport

This minor group includes library, archive, museum and art gallery managers; managers in publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts; and recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors. They are employed by libraries, archives, museums and non-retail art galleries; radio and television stations; newspaper, periodical and book publishing firms; film, theatre, record and video production companies; and municipalities, community and private recreational and fitness organizations, sports governing agencies and professional athletic team organizations.

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