Variant of NAICS 2017 Version 3.0 - Energy sector

4131 - Food merchant wholesalersCAN

This industry group comprises establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling processed milk and other dairy products, poultry and eggs, fish and seafood products, fresh fruit and vegetables, red meat and meat products, bread and other bakery products, processed rice, flour, flour mixes, prepared cereal foods and spices.

Variant of NAICS 2017 Version 3.0 - Energy sector - Classification structure
Code Title
41311General-line food merchant wholesalers General-line food merchant wholesalersCAN
41312Dairy and milk products merchant wholesalers Dairy and milk products merchant wholesalersCAN
41313Poultry and egg merchant wholesalers Poultry and egg merchant wholesalersCAN
41314Fish and seafood product merchant wholesalers Fish and seafood product merchant wholesalersCAN
41315Fresh fruit and vegetable merchant wholesalers Fresh fruit and vegetable merchant wholesalersCAN
41316Red meat and meat product merchant wholesalers Red meat and meat product merchant wholesalersCAN
41319Other specialty-line food merchant wholesalers Other specialty-line food merchant wholesalersCAN
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