Variant of NAPCS Canada 2017 Version 2.0 - Farm product price index (FPPI)

A11 - Grains

This section comprises all the varieties of unmilled wheat; unmilled corn for grain; unmilled oats, hulless and unhulled; unmilled barley, hulless and unhulled; and umilled rye.

A12 - Oilseeds

This section comprises canola (including rapeseed), and unprocessed soybeans and flaxseed.

A13 - Specialty crops

This section comprises chickpeas, lentils, dry beans, dry peas, canary seeds, sunflower seeds and mustard seeds.

A14 - Fresh fruit

This section comprises fresh berries, fresh citrus fruit, fresh tropical and semitropical fruit (except citrus fruit), and other fresh fruit.

A15 - Fresh vegetables (except potatoes and pulse crops)

This section comprises fresh vegetables, except potatoes and pulse crops. Vegetables are temporary crops cultivated principally for human consumption both as field crops and garden crops, in the open and under protective cover. Certain gramineous and leguminous plants, if harvested while green for their green grains or for their green pods (for example, green peas, string beans, green maize) are treated as fresh vegetables, but if harvested for their dry grains or seeds, are classified as cereals and pulse crops.

A16 - Fresh potatoes

This section comprises fresh potatoes.

A21 - Cattle and calves

This section comprises live beef and dairy cattle, and live calves.

A22 - Hogs

This section comprises live porcine animals.

A23 - Chickens, turkeys, chicks, poults

This section comprises live chickens, turkeys, chicks and poults.

A24 - Eggs in shell

This section comprises eggs in shell for consumption and for hatcheries.

A25 - Unprocessed milk

This section comprises unprocessed milk.

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