North American Product Classification System (NAPCS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0


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622 - Non-residential buildings

This group comprises non-residential buildings.

A non-residential building refers to a construction in which more than half of the overall useful floor area is used or intended for non-residential purposes, namely for industrial, commercial or institutional purposes, including for the provision of services. A non-residential building unit is a structurally separated and independent place.

Non-residential buildings constructed entirely at the building site, as well as on-site fully assembled precast, panelized, modular and other prefabricated non-residential buildings are included in this group. Unassembled prefabricated non-residential buildings built in a factory, and manufactured or fully assembled non-residential buildings built in a factory and delivered ready for move-in, are excluded from this group.

A building for which more than half of the useful floor area is used or intended for dwelling units or accommodation units with shared bathroom and kitchen, or that area is used primarily to offer care and other assisted living services, is classified as a "collective dwelling-type building" in this group.

A building refers to any roofed independent free-standing permanent construction or structure usually enclosed within external walls or dividing walls that extend from the foundations to the roof and comprises one or more rooms or other space. A building can be entered or accessed by persons or animals and is suitable or intended for protecting them and objects. A building can also include a separately usable underground construction. In the case of interconnected structures, any unit separated from other units by a fire wall extending from roof to cellar is considered an individual building. If there is no fire wall, the interconnected building units are regarded as individual buildings if they have their own access or entrance, as well as their own utility system and are separately usable.

North American Product Classification System (NAPCS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0 - Classification structure
Code Class
62211Industrial buildings Industrial buildings
62212Commercial buildings Commercial buildings
62213Institutional buildings Institutional buildings
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