North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012


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561 - Administrative and support services

This subsector comprises establishments primarily engaged in activities that support the day-to-day operations of other organizations. This includes activities such as administration, hiring and placing personnel, preparing documents, taking orders from clients, collecting payments for claims, arranging travel, providing security and surveillance, cleaning buildings, and packaging and labelling products. These activities are often undertaken in-house by establishments found in many sectors of the economy. The establishments of this subsector specialize in one or more of these activities and can therefore provide services to clients in a variety of industries and, in some cases, to households. The individual industries of this subsector are defined on the basis of the particular process in which they are engaged and the particular services they provide.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012 - Classification structure
Code Industry group
5611Office administrative services Office administrative services
5612Facilities support services Facilities support services
5613Employment services Employment services
5614Business support services Business support services
5615Travel arrangement and reservation services Travel arrangement and reservation services
5616Investigation and security services Investigation and security services
5617Services to buildings and dwellings Services to buildings and dwellings
5619Other support services Other support services
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