North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 3.0


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311930 - Flavouring syrup and concentrate manufacturing

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soft drink concentrates and syrup, and related products for soda fountain use or for making soft drinks.

  • Illustrative example(s)

    • beverage bases, manufacturing
    • beverage flavourings and syrups (except coffee-based), manufacturing
    • flavouring and syrup concentrates (except coffee-based), manufacturing
    • fruit syrups, flavouring, manufacturing
    • soft drink concentrates (i.e., soda fountain syrup), manufacturing

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  • Exclusion(s)

    • manufacturing chocolate syrup from cacao beans (See 311351 Chocolate and chocolate confectionery manufacturing from cacao beans)
    • manufacturing chocolate syrup from purchased chocolate (See 311352 Confectionery manufacturing from purchased chocolate)
    • manufacturing coffee flavourings and syrups (See 311920 Coffee and tea manufacturing)
    • manufacturing coffee-based flavourings and syrups concentrates (See 311920 Coffee and tea manufacturing)
    • manufacturing flavouring extracts (See 311940 Seasoning and dressing manufacturing)
    • manufacturing frozen fruit juice concentrates (See 311410 Frozen food manufacturing)
    • manufacturing powdered drink mixes (except coffee, tea and chocolate); and table syrup from corn syrup (See 311990 All other food manufacturing)
    • manufacturing soft drinks (See 312110 Soft drink and ice manufacturing)
    • reducing maple sap to maple syrup (See 111994 Maple syrup and products production)
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