North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 3.0


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31-33 - Manufacturing

This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in the chemical, mechanical or physical transformation of materials or substances into new products. These products may be finished, in the sense that they are ready to be used or consumed, or semi-finished, in the sense of becoming a raw material for an establishment to use in further manufacturing. Related activities, such as the assembly of the component parts of manufactured goods; the blending of materials; and the finishing of manufactured products by dyeing, heat-treating, plating and similar operations are also treated as manufacturing activities. Manufacturing establishments are known by a variety of trade designations, such as plants, factories or mills.

Manufacturing establishments may own the materials which they transform or they may transform materials owned by other establishments. Manufacturing may take place in factories or in workers' homes, using either machinery or hand tools.

Units that completely outsource the transformation process but own the input materials are classified to the manufacturing sector. Units that completely outsource the transformation process but do not own the materials are classified to merchant wholesalers in Sector 41 Wholesale trade. These units are in fact buying the completed goods from the producer with the intention to resell it. These units may design the goods being manufactured, and may have some say in the manufacturing process.

Certain activities involving the transformation of goods are classified in other sectors. Some examples are post-harvest activities of agricultural establishments, such as crop drying; logging; the beneficiating of mineral ores; the production of structures by construction establishments; and various activities conducted by retailers, such as meat cutting and the assembly of products such as bicycles and computers.

Sales branches or offices (but not retail stores) maintained by manufacturing, refining, or mining enterprises apart from their plants or mines for the purpose of marketing their products are included in Sector 41 Wholesale trade as merchant wholesalers.

325 - Chemical manufacturing

This subsector comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chemicals and chemical preparations, from organic and inorganic raw materials.

  • Exclusion(s)

    • beneficiating mineral ores (See 212 Mining and quarrying (except oil and gas))
    • field processing of crude petroleum and natural gas (See 211 Oil and gas extraction)
    • processing crude petroleum and coal (See 324 Petroleum and coal product manufacturing)
    • smelting and refining ores and concentrates (See 331 Primary metal manufacturing)

3259 - Other chemical product manufacturing

This industry group comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry group, primarily engaged in manufacturing chemical products.

32599 - All other chemical product manufacturing

This industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in manufacturing chemical products.

325991 - Custom compounding of purchased resinsUS

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the custom mixing and blending of purchased plastics resins; and compounding plastics resins from recycled plastics products.

  • Illustrative example(s)

    • custom compounding (i.e., blending and mixing) of purchased plastics resins

    All examples

  • Exclusion(s)

    • manufacturing synthetic resins from basic organic chemicals (See 325210 Resin and synthetic rubber manufacturing)
325999 - All other miscellaneous chemical product manufacturingCAN

This Canadian industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other Canadian industry, primarily engaged in manufacturing chemical products.

  • Illustrative example(s)

    • activated carbon and charcoal, manufacturing
    • activated clays, earths and other mineral products, manufacturing
    • aerosol can filling, on a job order or contract basis
    • distilled water, manufacturing
    • essential oils, natural, manufacturing
    • fireworks, manufacturing
    • hydraulic fluids, synthetic, manufacturing
    • inks (e.g., drawing, stamping, writing), manufacturing
    • photographic chemicals, manufacturing
    • solvents recovery service, on a contract or fee basis
    • toner cartridges, manufacturing or rebuilding
    • toners for photocopiers, laser printers and similar electrostatic printing devices, manufacturing
    • water softeners, manufacturing

    All examples

  • Exclusion(s)

    • manufacturing hair tints and dyes (See 325620 Toilet preparation manufacturing)
    • mining and processing of table salt and processing purchased salt into table salt (See 311940 Seasoning and dressing manufacturing)
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