List of Components of Supply for Refined Petroleum Products

1 - Net production

'Net production' includes refinery production less inter-product transfers, less the portion of inter-product transfers transferred to petro-chemical feedstocks.

2 - Portions transferred to petro-chemicals

'Portions transferred to petro-chemicals' includes that portion of the inter-product transfers line which is transferred as feedstock to the product "petro-chemical feedstocks". This is a non-additive line.

3 - Transfers to refinery feedstocks

'Transfers to refinery feedstocks' includes previously refined products, partially refined products and other materials used which are to be reprocessed through the refinery. Such materials are from sources external to the refinery.

4 - Inter-provincial transfers in

5 - Inter-provincial transfers out

6 - Receipts from other reporting companies

'Receipts from other reporting companies' includes receipts from companies reporting to survey 2150. It covers quantities emanating from sales agreements, processing agreements, exchanges, loans, as well as other exchanges.

7 - Receipts from non-reporting companies

'Receipts from non-reporting companies' includes receipts from companies not reporting to survey 2150. All liquefied petroleum gas receipts from gas processing plants are shown on this line; such liquefied petroleum gases may be used for refinery charge or for gasoline blending, petrochemical feedstocks, as well as other uses.

8 - Imports

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