Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2011


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3556 - Cochrane

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2011 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
3556014Black River-Matheson Black River-Matheson Township
3556027Timmins Timmins City
3556031Iroquois Falls Iroquois Falls Town
3556033Abitibi 70 Abitibi 70 Indian reserve
3556042Cochrane Cochrane Town
3556048Smooth Rock Falls Smooth Rock Falls Town
3556052Fauquier-Strickland Fauquier-Strickland Township
3556056Moonbeam Moonbeam Township
3556066Kapuskasing Kapuskasing Town
3556070Val Rita-Harty Val Rita-Harty Township
3556073Opasatika Opasatika Township
3556076Hearst Hearst Town
3556077Mattice-Val Côté Mattice-Val Côté Township
3556091Cochrane, Unorganized, South West Part Cochrane, Unorganized, South West Part Unorganized
3556092Cochrane, Unorganized, North Part Cochrane, Unorganized, North Part Unorganized
3556093Fort Albany (Part) 67 Fort Albany (Part) 67 Indian reserve
3556094Factory Island 1 Factory Island 1 Indian reserve
3556095Constance Lake 92 Constance Lake 92 Indian reserve
3556096Moose Factory 68 Moose Factory 68 Indian reserve
3556098Cochrane, Unorganized, South East Part Cochrane, Unorganized, South East Part Unorganized
3556100Flying Post 73 Flying Post 73 Indian reserve
3556102New Post 69A New Post 69A Indian reserve
3556106Moosonee Moosonee Town
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