Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2011


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3554 - Timiskaming

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2011 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
3554001Coleman Coleman Township
3554006Latchford Latchford Town
3554008Cobalt Cobalt Town
3554014Harris Harris Township
3554020Temiskaming Shores Temiskaming Shores City
3554021Hudson Hudson Township
3554024Kerns Kerns Township
3554026Harley Harley Township
3554029Casey Casey Township
3554032Brethour Brethour Township
3554034Hilliard Hilliard Township
3554036Armstrong Armstrong Township
3554038Thornloe Thornloe Village
3554042James James Township
3554044Charlton and Dack Charlton and Dack Municipality
3554049Evanturel Evanturel Township
3554052Englehart Englehart Town
3554054Chamberlain Chamberlain Township
3554056Matachewan Matachewan Township
3554057Matachewan 72 Matachewan 72 Indian reserve
3554058McGarry McGarry Township
3554062Larder Lake Larder Lake Township
3554066Gauthier Gauthier Township
3554068Kirkland Lake Kirkland Lake Town
3554091Timiskaming, Unorganized, East Part Timiskaming, Unorganized, East Part Unorganized
3554094Timiskaming, Unorganized, West Part Timiskaming, Unorganized, West Part Unorganized
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