Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2011


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1315 - Gloucester

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2011 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
1315001Saumarez Saumarez Parish
1315003Tracadie-Sheila Tracadie-Sheila Town
1315006Allardville Allardville Parish
1315008Bathurst Bathurst Parish
1315010Pabineau 11 Pabineau 11 Indian reserve
1315011Bathurst Bathurst City
1315012Beresford Beresford Parish
1315013Pointe-Verte Pointe-Verte Village
1315014Petit-Rocher Petit-Rocher Village
1315015Beresford Beresford Town
1315016New Bandon New Bandon Parish
1315017Saint-Léolin Saint-Léolin Village
1315019Paquetville Paquetville Parish
1315020Paquetville Paquetville Village
1315021Saint-Isidore Saint-Isidore Parish
1315022Saint-Isidore Saint-Isidore Village
1315024Inkerman Inkerman Parish
1315026Caraquet Caraquet Parish
1315027Bas-Caraquet Bas-Caraquet Village
1315028Caraquet Caraquet Town
1315029Shippagan Shippagan Parish
1315030Le Goulet Le Goulet Village
1315031Shippagan Shippagan Town
1315032Lamèque Lamèque Town
1315033Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël Village
1315036Bertrand Bertrand Village
1315037Nigadoo Nigadoo Village
1315038Grande-Anse Grande-Anse Village
1315040Maisonnette Maisonnette Village
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