Classification of health problems, self-reported

2 - With long-term health problems

Classification of health problems, self-reported - Classification structure
Code Category
2.1 Acne, requiring prescribed medication
2.2Allergies Allergies
2.3 Asthma
2.4 Alzheimer's Disease
2.5 Arthritis or rheumatism
2.6 Back problems (excluding arthritis)
2.7 Cancer
2.8 Cataracts
2.9 Chronic bronchitis or emphysema
2.10 Diabetes
2.11 Epilepsy
2.12 Glaucoma
2.13 Heart disease
2.14 High blood pressure
2.15 Migraine headaches
2.16 Sinusitis
2.17 Stomach or intestinal ulcer
2.18 Stroke, effects of
2.19 Urinary incontinence
2.20 Other long-term condition, n.i.e.
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