North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0


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611110 - Elementary and secondary schoolsUS

All examples - 611110 - Elementary and secondary schoolsUS

  • academies, elementary
  • academies, secondary
  • adult primary education
  • adult secondary education
  • boarding schools, elementary
  • boarding schools, secondary
  • collegiate institutes, elementary
  • collegiate institutes, secondary
  • convent schools, elementary
  • convent schools, secondary
  • denominational school (secondary)
  • distance learning, elementary
  • distance learning, secondary
  • elementary schools
  • elementary teacher, own account
  • high schools
  • high schools, academic
  • high schools, offering both vocational or technical courses
  • kindergartens
  • military academies, elementary
  • military academies, secondary
  • parochial schools, elementary
  • parochial schools, secondary
  • pre-kindergarten or pre-school, when part of elementary school system
  • preparatory schools, elementary
  • preparatory schools, secondary
  • primary schools
  • private schools, elementary
  • private schools, secondary
  • public schools, elementary
  • public schools, secondary
  • school boards, elementary
  • school boards, secondary
  • schools for persons with physical disabilities (elementary)
  • schools for persons with physical disabilities (secondary)
  • secondary teachers, own account
  • sectarian schools (elementary)
  • seminaries, below university grade
  • technical high schools
  • vocational high schools
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