North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0


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531120 - Lessors of non-residential buildings (except mini-warehouses)US

All examples - 531120 - Lessors of non-residential buildings (except mini-warehouses)US

  • arenas, operators of
  • auditorium rental or leasing
  • banquet halls or rooms, without own catering staff, rental
  • commercial property rental or leasing
  • concert hall operation
  • convention facilities, rental only
  • dance hall rental or leasing
  • exhibition hall, operating
  • flea market space renting
  • garages, do-it-yourself
  • indoor soccer dome facility rental
  • landlords of commercial and industrial buildings
  • leasing non-residential buildings
  • leasing of commercial space
  • lessors of piers, docks and associated buildings and facilities
  • meeting hall operating
  • motor vehicle repair space, rental
  • non-residential buildings, operators
  • office and desk space, rental service
  • office and other commercial building rental and leasing
  • operation of non-residential properties on own account
  • operators of commercial and industrial buildings
  • real estate investment trusts (REITs), operating non-residential buildings (except mini-warehouses)
  • real estate operating, non-residential buildings
  • reception hall rental or leasing
  • rental of theatres, auditoriums
  • rental operation of commercial buildings
  • retail establishments, property operation only
  • shopping centre operating
  • shopping centres, property operation only
  • stadium operating
  • subcontracting operation of non-residential properties to a third party
  • subleasing non-residential building
  • subleasing of non-residential buildings (except mini-warehouses) to others
  • theatre buildings (ownership and operation)
  • theatre, real estate operation
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