North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0


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523910 - Miscellaneous intermediationUS

All examples - 523910 - Miscellaneous intermediationUS

  • bare trustee
  • buying income tax refunds
  • dealing (i.e., minerals, oil or gas royalties or leases, mortgages, tax certificates)
  • gas and oil royalty dealers
  • house flipping services
  • individuals investing in financial contracts on own account
  • investment clubs
  • investment companies investing on own account
  • investment companies, investing in financial contracts
  • land speculation
  • mineral royalties or leases, dealing
  • mortgages, buying and selling (rediscounting)
  • oil royalty dealing (acting as principals)
  • real estate as a trading stock of the seller, buying and selling of
  • syndicates, investment
  • tax liens dealing (i.e., acting as principals)
  • venture capital companies
  • viatical settlement companies
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