North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0


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453310 - Used merchandise storesUS

All examples - 453310 - Used merchandise storesUS

  • antique dealers (except motor vehicles)
  • antique furniture, retail
  • antique home furnishings, retail
  • antiques, retail
  • appliances, used, retail
  • architectural salvage dealers
  • book stores, second-hand, retail
  • books, used, retail
  • building materials, used, retail
  • china and crockery, household, used retail
  • clothing stores, second-hand, retail
  • clothing, used or second-hand, retail
  • consignment store, used merchandise
  • curtains and draperies, household, used, retail
  • flea market sales operation (used merchandise), permanent stall
  • furniture stores, second-hand, retail
  • glassware and china, used, retail
  • glassware, antique, retail
  • homefurnishing stores, second-hand, retail
  • jewellery, used, retail
  • manuscripts, rare, retail
  • musical instruments, used or second-hand, retail
  • objects of art, antique, retail
  • phonograph and phonograph record stores, second-hand, retail
  • rare book stores
  • retailing of antiques
  • second-hand clothing and shoe stores, retail
  • second-hand merchandise, retail
  • used appliances, household, retail
  • used furniture, retail
  • used merchandise dealers (except motor vehicles)
  • used office equipment, retail
  • used rare collector's items (e.g., autograph, coins, card, stamps) shops
  • used sporting goods and equipment, retail
  • video games trading shop, retail
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