North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0


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337910 - Mattress manufacturing

All examples - 337910 - Mattress manufacturing

  • bed bases, upholstered, manufacturing
  • bed spring, assemblies, manufacturing
  • beds, sleep-system ensembles (i.e., flotation and adjustable), manufacturing
  • bedsprings, assembled, manufacturing
  • cot springs, assembled, manufacturing
  • cotton felt mattress, manufacturing
  • foam plastic mattress, manufacturing
  • foam rubber mattress, manufacturing
  • foundations, bed, spring, foam and platform, manufacturing
  • inner spring mattresses, manufacturing
  • mattress stuffing, tufting and quilting, manufacturing
  • mattresses for waterbeds, manufacturing
  • mattresses, box spring, manufacturing
  • plastic waterbed mattresses, manufacturing
  • rubber waterbed mattresses, manufacturing
  • spring filled mattresses, manufacturing
  • springs, assembled, bed and box, manufacturing
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