North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2022 Version 1.0


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621390 - Offices of all other health practitionersCAN

All examples - 621390 - Offices of all other health practitionersCAN

  • acupressure services
  • acupuncturists' offices
  • alternative medicine practicing
  • auxiliary nursing services, private practice
  • chiropodists' offices
  • Christian Science practitioners' offices
  • clinical pharmacists' offices (e.g., centres, clinics)
  • dental hygienists, offices of
  • denturists' offices
  • dietitians, offices of
  • foot specialist, private practice
  • healers, Christian Science
  • herbalists, private practice
  • holistic medicine
  • holistic medicine, practitioners' offices
  • homeopath
  • hypnotist
  • inhalation therapists, registered
  • kinesiologists' office
  • midwives' offices
  • naturopaths' offices
  • nurses, practical, private practice
  • nurses, registered and practical, offices of (except home health care services)
  • nursing aide, nursing services, private practice
  • nursing care, registered nurse, private practice
  • nursing services, registered nurse, private
  • nutritionists, offices of
  • offices of shiatsu therapists
  • orthotherapists
  • orthotics, prosthetics, and pedorthics patient care offices
  • orthotists' offices (e.g., centres, clinics)
  • paramedics, offices of
  • pedorthics' offices (e.g., centres, clinics)
  • physicians' assistants, offices of
  • podiatrists, offices and clinics of
  • prosthetists' office (e.g., centres, clinics)
  • reflexology services
  • registered nurse services, private practice
  • registered nurses' offices
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