National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011


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7333 - Electrical mechanics

All examples - 7333 - Electrical mechanics

  • armature repairman/womanarmature repairman, armature repairwoman
  • armature winder repairerarmature winder repairman, armature winder repairwoman
  • automotive-generator and starter repairerautomotive-generator and starter repairman, automotive-generator and starter repairwoman
  • circuit breaker mechanic
  • coil connector repairercoil connector repairman, coil connector repairwoman, repairman, coil connectors, repairwoman, coil connectors
  • coil winder and repairercoil winder and repairman, coil winder and repairwoman
  • electric meter repairerelectric meter repairman, electric meter repairwoman, repairman, electric meter, repairwoman, electric meter
  • electric meter repairer apprenticeelectric meter repairman apprentice, electric meter repairwoman apprentice
  • electric meter technician
  • electric motor mechanic
  • electric motor repairerelectric motor repairman, electric motor repairwoman, repairman, electric motor, repairwoman, electric motor
  • electric motor repairer and testerelectric motor repairman and tester, electric motor repairman-tester, electric motor repairwoman and tester, electric motor repairwoman-tester
  • electric motor repairer-tester
  • electric motor repairman/woman
  • electric motor systems technician
  • electric motor winder
  • electric motor winder-repairer
  • electrical apparatus mechanic
  • electrical equipment mechanic trainee
  • electrical instrument mechanic
  • electrical mechanic
  • electrical mechanic - electrical utilities
  • electrical mechanic (except avionics)
  • electrical mechanic apprentice
  • electrical mechanic trainee
  • electrical mechanic, meter repair
  • electrical mechanic, switchgear repair
  • electrical mechanics group leader
  • electrical mechanics lead hand
  • electrical motor coil winder-repairerelectrical motor coil winder-repairman, electrical motor coil winder-repairwoman
  • electrical rewind mechanic
  • electrical transformer repairerelectrical transformer repairman, electrical transformer repairwoman
  • generator repairergenerator repairman, generator repairwoman
  • generator repairman/woman
  • group leader, electrical mechanics
  • high-voltage power transformer repairerhigh-voltage power transformer repairman, high-voltage power transformer repairwoman
  • industrial coil winder-repairerindustrial coil winder-repairman, industrial coil winder-repairwoman
  • industrial motor winder-repairerindustrial motor winder-repairman, industrial motor winder-repairwoman, winder-repairman, industrial motors, winder-repairwoman, industrial motors
  • lead hand, electrical mechanics
  • mechanic, circuit breaker
  • mechanic, electric motors
  • motor coil winder-repairermotor coil winder-repairman, motor coil winder-repairwoman
  • power transformer repairerpower transformer repairman, power transformer repairwoman, repairman, power transformers, repairwoman, power transformers
  • power transformer repairman/woman
  • repairer, coil connectors
  • repairer, electric meter
  • repairer, electric motor
  • repairer, electrical instrumentsrepairman, electrical instruments, repairwoman, electrical instruments
  • repairer, storage batteryrepairman, storage battery, repairwoman, storage battery, storage battery repairman, storage battery repairwoman
  • repairman/woman, electric motor
  • repairman/woman, power transformers
  • repairman/woman, transformersrepairman, transformers, repairwoman, transformers, transformer repairman, transformer repairwoman
  • storage battery repairer
  • transformer coil repairertransformer coil repairman, transformer coil repairwoman
  • transformer repairer
  • transformer repairman/woman
  • winder, electric motors
  • winder-electrician
  • winder-repairer, industrial motors
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