National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011


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7331 - Oil and solid fuel heating mechanics

All examples - 7331 - Oil and solid fuel heating mechanics

  • apprentice mechanic, oil burner
  • coal furnace installer
  • coal furnace installer-mechanic
  • forced air furnace installer (except gas)
  • furnace installer and repairer (except gas)furnace installer and repairman (except gas), furnace installer and repairwoman (except gas), installer and repairman, furnaces (except gas), installer and repairwoman, furnaces (except gas)
  • furnace maintenance mechanic (except gas)
  • furnace mechanic (except gas)
  • furnace repairer (except gas)furnace repairman (except gas), furnace repairwoman (except gas)
  • furnace repairman/woman (except gas)
  • heating mechanic
  • heating service mechanic
  • heating system mechanic
  • heating systems installer
  • heating systems servicer
  • heating systems technician
  • heating technician
  • installer and repairer, furnaces (except gas)
  • installer and servicer, residential oil burners
  • installer, forced air furnace (except gas)
  • installer, solid fuel heaters
  • installer, wood burners
  • oil and solid fuel heating mechanic
  • oil burner apprentice
  • oil burner installer
  • oil burner installer and repaireroil burner installer and repairman, oil burner installer and repairwoman
  • oil burner maintainer
  • oil burner mechanic
  • oil burner mechanic apprentice
  • oil burner mechanic, residential
  • oil burner repaireroil burner repairman, oil burner repairwoman
  • oil burner servicer
  • oil burner technician
  • oil furnace installer
  • residential oil burner installer and servicer
  • residential oil burner mechanic
  • solid fuel heater installer
  • solid fuel heating installer
  • stoker erector
  • wood burner installer
  • wood burner maintainer
  • wood furnace installer
  • wood-burning appliance installer
  • wood-burning system installer
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