National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011


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7322 - Motor vehicle body repairers

All examples - 7322 - Motor vehicle body repairers

  • antique car restorer, body
  • antique vehicle restorer, body
  • apprentice painter - motor vehicle repair
  • apprentice painter, motor vehicles
  • auto glass installer
  • autobody mechanic
  • autobody repairerautobody repairman, autobody repairwoman, automobile body repairman, automobile body repairwoman, automotive body repairman, automotive body repairwoman, body repairman, motor vehicles, body repairwoman, motor vehicles, motor vehicle body repairman, motor vehicle body repairwoman
  • autobody technician
  • autobody technician - collision
  • autobody technician - refinishing
  • autobody worker
  • automobile body repairman/woman
  • automobile damage repair estimator
  • automobile polisher-sander - motor vehicle repair
  • automotive body mechanic
  • automotive body painter
  • automotive body repairer
  • automotive body repairer-painterautomotive body repairman-painter, automotive body repairwoman-painter
  • automotive body technician
  • automotive glass technician
  • automotive painter - motor vehicle repair
  • automotive painter apprentice
  • automotive painting and refinishing technician
  • body and fender repairer - automobilebody and fender repairman - automobile, body and fender repairwoman - automobile
  • body and fender repairman/woman - automobile
  • body repairer apprentice, motor vehiclesbody repairman apprentice, motor vehicles, body repairwoman apprentice, motor vehicles, motor vehicle body repairman apprentice, motor vehicle body repairwoman apprentice
  • body repairer, motor vehicles
  • collision repair technician
  • damage repair estimator, automobile
  • dent remover and repairer - automobiledent remover and repairman - automobile, dent remover and repairwoman - automobile
  • dingman/woman - autobodydingman - autobody, dingwoman - autobody
  • journeyman/woman motor vehicle body repairerjourneyman motor vehicle body repairer, journeywoman motor vehicle body repairer
  • metal finish and touch-up repairer - motor vehicle manufacturingmetal finish and touch-up repairman - motor vehicle manufacturing, metal finish and touch-up repairwoman - motor vehicle manufacturing
  • metal finisher - motor vehicle manufacturing
  • metal repairer - motor vehicle manufacturingmetal repairman - motor vehicle manufacturing, metal repairwoman - motor vehicle manufacturing
  • metal upgrader - motor vehicle manufacturing
  • motor repair vehicle painter apprentice
  • motor vehicle body finisher
  • motor vehicle body repairer
  • motor vehicle body repairer - collisionmotor vehicle body repairman - collision, motor vehicle body repairwoman - collision
  • motor vehicle body repairer - metal and paintmotor vehicle body repairman - metal and paint, motor vehicle body repairwoman - metal and paint
  • motor vehicle body repairer - refinishingmotor vehicle body repairman - refinishing, motor vehicle body repairwoman - refinishing
  • motor vehicle body repairer apprentice
  • motor vehicle body repair-painter
  • motor vehicle body technician
  • motor vehicle body technician - truck
  • motor vehicle painter - motor vehicle repair
  • painter - motor vehicle repair
  • painter, automobiles - motor vehicle repair
  • painter, motor vehicles - motor vehicle repair
  • repair shop estimator, automotive
  • used car renovator
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