National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011


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4312 - Firefighters

All examples - 4312 - Firefighters

  • airport firefighterairport fireman, airport firewoman
  • apprentice, firefighterapprentice, fireman, apprentice, firewoman, fireman apprentice, firewoman apprentice
  • communication service firefightercommunication service fireman, communication service firewoman, fireman, communication service, firewoman, communication service
  • crash firefightercrash fireman, crash firewoman
  • fire captain
  • fire department platoon chief
  • fire inspector
  • fire lieutenantfireman lieutenant, firewoman lieutenant
  • fire prevention officerfire safety inspection fireman, fire safety inspection firewoman, fireman, fire safety inspection, firewoman, fire safety inspection
  • fire safety inspection firefighter
  • firefighterfireman, firewoman
  • firefighter apprentice
  • firefighter lieutenant
  • firefighter, communication service
  • firefighter, fire safety inspection
  • firefighter, industrial complexfireman, industrial complex, firewoman, industrial complex
  • firefighter, shipboardfireman, shipboard, firewoman, shipboard, shipboard fireman, shipboard firewoman
  • firefighter, structuralfireman, structural, firewoman, structural
  • firefighter, trainingfireman, training, firewoman, training
  • firefighter-inspectorfireman-inspector, firewoman-inspector
  • industrial firefighterindustrial fireman, industrial firewoman
  • lieutenant, firefighters
  • platoon chief, fire department
  • shipboard firefighter
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