North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012


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711512 - Independent actors, comedians and performersCAN

All examples - 711512 - Independent actors, comedians and performersCAN

  • actors, independent
  • actresses, independent
  • announcers, radio and television, independent
  • ballet dancers, independent
  • cameramen, independent
  • celebrity spokesperson, independent
  • choreographers, independent
  • cinematographers, independent
  • comedians, independent
  • conductors, orchestra, independent
  • costume designers, theatrical, independent
  • dancers, independent
  • directors, film and video, independent
  • directors, music, independent
  • disc jockey, independent
  • ethnic dancers, independent
  • film actors, independent
  • film producers, independent
  • film technicians, independent
  • folk dancers, independent
  • freelance broadcasters
  • freelance cameraman
  • independent actors, comedians and performers
  • installing and dismantling concert stages, sound and lighting equipment, on a contract basis
  • interpretive dancers, independent
  • jazz dancers, independent
  • journalists, radio and television, independent
  • laser show services
  • lecturers, independent
  • lighting technicians, theatrical, independent
  • magicians, independent
  • make-up artist, independent
  • models, independent
  • motion picture directors, independent
  • motion picture producers, independent
  • music arrangers, independent
  • music video disc jockey
  • radio commentators, independent
  • record producers, independent
  • recording technicians, independent
  • scenery designers, theatrical, independent
  • set designers, independent
  • speakers, independent
  • special effect technicians, independent
  • stage sets, erecting and dismantling
  • standup comedians, independent
  • storytellers, independent
  • stuntman, independent
  • television producers, independent
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