North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012


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541514 - Computer systems design and related services (except video game design and development)CAN

All examples - 541514 - Computer systems design and related services (except video game design and development)CAN

  • application software programming services, custom
  • CAD/CAM systems services
  • CAE (computer-aided engineering) systems services
  • computer consulting services
  • computer disaster recovery services
  • computer facilities management services
  • computer hardware consulting services
  • computer programs or systems software development, custom
  • computer software consulting services
  • computer software systems analysis and design, custom
  • computer system maintenance (custom software)
  • computer systems analysis and design services
  • computer systems design consulting services
  • computer systems integrators
  • computer-aided design (CAD) systems services
  • computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems services
  • computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems services
  • custom application software programming services (except video games)
  • custom computer programming services
  • custom software developers
  • data processing facilities management services
  • design and system analysis, computer services (software)
  • facilities management services, computer
  • facilities support services, computer
  • information management system design services, computer
  • information technology (IT) consulting services done by consultants
  • Internet page design services, custom
  • local area network (LAN) systems design services
  • local area network (LAN) systems integrators
  • management information systems design consulting services
  • network systems integration, computer
  • office automation system design services
  • office automation, computer systems integration
  • requirements analysis, computer hardware
  • software consulting, integration of multiple software packages within users' systems
  • software installation services
  • software programming, custom
  • software systems analysis and design, custom
  • systems analysis and design, computer services (software)
  • systems engineering (system integration)
  • systems integration, computer
  • web page design and development
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