North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012


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418990 - All other merchant wholesalersCAN

All examples - 418990 - All other merchant wholesalersCAN

  • advertising specialties, wholesale
  • anti-theft products, wholesale
  • anti-theft security metal bars for windows and doors, wholesale
  • apparel labels (industrial supply), wholesale
  • artificial Christmas trees, wholesale
  • artificial flowers, wholesale
  • awnings, tents and sails, wholesale
  • bags, textile, wholesale
  • baskets (e.g., reed, rattan, willow, wood), wholesale
  • beer and wine making supplies, wholesale
  • broom, mop and paint handles, wholesale
  • brooms, brushes and mops, wholesale
  • brushes, industrial, wholesale
  • candles, wholesale
  • canvas goods or products, wholesale
  • chamois, wholesale
  • charcoal (fuel), dealer
  • charcoal, wholesale
  • church supplies (except silverware and plated ware), wholesale
  • clothes hangers, wholesale
  • coal and coke dealers, wholesale
  • cooperage (barrels and drums), wholesale
  • cordage, wholesale
  • cordwood, wholesale
  • corks, wholesale
  • curios, wholesale
  • dry cell batteries, wholesale
  • firearms and ammunitions (except sporting equipment), wholesale
  • firewood, wholesale
  • foam rubber, wholesale
  • fuel, coal and coke, wholesale
  • fuelwood, wholesale
  • gas lighting fixtures, wholesale
  • gifts and novelties, wholesale
  • giftware, wholesale
  • glassware, novelty, wholesale
  • hairbrushes, wholesale
  • harness equipment, wholesale
  • house trailers, wholesale
  • ice, manufactured or natural, wholesale
  • jewellery boxes, wholesale
  • leather and cut stock, wholesale
  • leather goods (except footwear), wholesale
  • lighters, cigar and cigarette, wholesale
  • luggage, wholesale
  • machine guns, wholesale
  • matches, wholesale
  • mobile homes, wholesale
  • monuments and grave markers, wholesale
  • musical instruments (e.g., brass, reed, string, wind), wholesale
  • musical instruments, accessories and supplies, wholesale
  • novelties, paper, wholesale
  • oils (except cooking), animal and vegetable, wholesale
  • oils and greases, animal or vegetable, wholesale
  • organs, wholesale
  • packaging and wholesaling potting soil
  • peat moss, wholesale
  • percussion instruments, wholesale
  • pet supplies (except pet food), wholesale
  • pianos, wholesale
  • pipes for smoking tobacco, wholesale
  • plant food, wholesale
  • plastics foam, wholesale
  • portrait, wholesale
  • religious supplies, wholesale
  • rope, binder twine and string, wholesale
  • rubber, crude, wholesale
  • saddlery, wholesale
  • sawdust, wholesale
  • sheet music, wholesale
  • ship chandlers (i.e., outfitter), wholesale
  • signs (except electric), wholesale
  • smokers' supplies, wholesale
  • sponges, wholesale
  • stamps, for collectors, wholesale
  • stamps, philatelist, wholesale
  • statuary, wholesale
  • string, wholesale
  • taxidermy supplies, wholesale
  • tombstones, wholesale
  • top soil or potting soil, wholesale
  • top soil, wholesale
  • twine, wholesale
  • violins, wholesale
  • wigs and hairpieces, wholesale
  • wood pulp, wholesale
  • wood shavings for horse and livestock bedding, wholesale
  • wood, fuel, wholesale dealers
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