North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012


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418220 - Other paper and disposable plastic product merchant wholesalersCAN

All examples - 418220 - Other paper and disposable plastic product merchant wholesalersCAN

  • bags, paper and disposable plastics, wholesale
  • boxes, paperboard and disposable plastics, wholesale
  • cardboard products, wholesale
  • cellulose film or tape, wholesale
  • closures (lids), paper and disposable plastics, wholesale
  • combinations of paper and paper products, wholesale
  • container board, food, wholesale
  • corrugated and solid fibre boxes, wholesale
  • corrugated board (paperboard), wholesale
  • corrugated containers wholesale
  • eating utensils, forks, knives, spoons - disposable plastics, wholesale
  • fibre cans and drums, wholesale
  • filter papers, wholesale
  • fine papers (except stationery), wholesale
  • foam plastic food trays, wholesale
  • folding paperboard boxes, wholesale
  • food wrapping board, wholesale
  • gummed kraft paper, wholesale
  • household paper products, wholesale
  • linerboard, paperboard, wholesale
  • newsprint, wholesale
  • paper and products, wrapping or coarse, wholesale
  • paper cups, dishes, napkins, towels and patterns, wholesale
  • paper dealers, wholesale (except newsprint)
  • paperboard and products (except office supplies), wholesale
  • pasted chipboard (paperboard), wholesale
  • pressed and moulded pulp goods, wholesale
  • printing paper, wholesale
  • sanitary food containers (e.g., dishes and cups in paper, paperboard or disposable plastics), wholesale
  • sanitary paper products, wholesale
  • set-up paperboard boxes, wholesale
  • shipping supplies, paper and disposable plastics (e.g., cartons, gummed tapes), wholesale
  • tissue paper, toilet and facial, wholesale
  • waxed paper, wholesale
  • wrapping paper (except giftwrap), wholesale
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