North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012


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339930 - Doll, toy and game manufacturing

All examples - 339930 - Doll, toy and game manufacturing

  • airplanes, automobiles and trucks, toys, manufacturing
  • automobiles, children's pedal driven, manufacturing
  • baby carriages or strollers, manufacturing
  • balls, rubber (except athletic equipment), manufacturing
  • banks, toy, manufacturing
  • baskets, toy, manufacturing
  • bells, toy, manufacturing
  • bingo boards (games), manufacturing
  • blocks, toy, manufacturing
  • checkers and checkerboards, manufacturing
  • chessmen and chess-boards, manufacturing
  • craft and hobby kits and sets, manufacturing
  • darts and dart games, manufacturing
  • dice and dice cups, manufacturing
  • dishes, toy, manufacturing
  • doll carriages and carts, manufacturing
  • doll, toy and game manufacturing
  • dolls (including parts and accessories), manufacturing
  • dominoes, manufacturing
  • drums, toy, manufacturing
  • electronic toys and game machines (except coin-operated), manufacturing
  • engines, miniature, manufacturing
  • erector sets, toy, manufacturing
  • games (except amusement park and playground), manufacturing
  • games for children and adults (i.e., puzzles, bingo, marbles, poker chips and chess), manufacturing
  • go-carts, children's, manufacturing
  • handicraft supplies, manufacturing
  • hobbycraft kits, manufacturing
  • hobbyhorses, manufacturing
  • horns, toy, manufacturing
  • kites, manufacturing
  • magic lanterns (toys), manufacturing
  • marbles, manufacturing
  • marionettes (puppets), manufacturing
  • model kits, manufacturing
  • model rocket engines, model building
  • models, toy and hobby (e.g., airplane, boat, ship, railroad equipment), manufacturing
  • musical instruments, toy, manufacturing
  • paint sets, children's, manufacturing
  • paint-by-number kits, manufacturing
  • plastic toys, manufacturing
  • poker chips, manufacturing
  • rifles, toy, manufacturing
  • rocking horses, manufacturing
  • science kits (e.g., microscopes, chemistry sets, natural science sets), manufacturing
  • scooters, children's, manufacturing
  • sleighs (sleds) for children, manufacturing
  • structural toy sets, manufacturing
  • stuffed toys (including animals), manufacturing
  • sulkies, baby (vehicles), manufacturing
  • tenders, baby (vehicles), manufacturing
  • toy furniture and household equipment, manufacturing
  • toy guns and pistols, manufacturing
  • toy vehicles, miniature, manufacturing
  • toys, electric (including parts), manufacturing
  • toys, manufacturing
  • trains and equipment, toy, electric or mechanical, manufacturing
  • tricycles, children's toy (except metal), manufacturing
  • vehicles (except bicycles), children's, manufacturing
  • video game consoles (pre-programmed games in the unit), manufacturing
  • video game machines (except coin-operated), manufacturing
  • video games, manufacturing
  • wagons and sleighs (toys), manufacturing
  • walkers, baby, manufacturing
  • wooden toys, manufacturing
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