North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012


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321114 - Wood preservationUS

All examples - 321114 - Wood preservationUS

  • bridge and trestle parts, wood, treating
  • creosoting of wood
  • lumber and plywood, treating with creosote or other preservatives
  • millwork, treating
  • mine props and ties, wood, treating
  • piles and pilings, foundation and marine construction, treating
  • poles, round wood, cutting and treating
  • preserving purchased wood and wood products
  • pressure treated lumber, made from purchased lumber
  • railroad ties (i.e., bridge, cross, switch), wood, treating
  • structural lumber and timber, treating
  • treating wood products with creosote or other preservatives
  • wood fence parts (i.e., pickets, poling, posts, rails), treating
  • wood preservation
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