North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 3.0


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713999 - All other amusement and recreation industriesCAN

All examples - 713999 - All other amusement and recreation industriesCAN

  • amusement devices, concession operators
  • amusement rides, concession operators
  • beaches, bathing
  • carnival rides, concession operators
  • day or summer camps, without overnight stay
  • fireworks display service
  • fishing guide services
  • galleries, shooting
  • guide services
  • haunted houses
  • horse rental services, recreational
  • hunting guide services
  • juke box, concession operators in facilities owned by others
  • karaoke room rental
  • maintaining non-gambling coin-operated amusement devices, in businesses operated by others
  • nightclubs or discotheques, not serving alcoholic beverages
  • nudist camps without accommodation
  • observation towers, operation of
  • outdoor adventure operations (e.g., white water rafting), without accommodation
  • pack trains (i.e., trail riding)
  • pinball machines, concession operators
  • tourist guide services
  • water slides, on a concession basis
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